Mecox Dairy Picnic: The Show Goes On!

July 1, 2012 in Past Events

 The drama – will it rain, will it not rain? One date cancelled, the next date iffy.

Our luck held out when  it didn’t rain on Saturday afternoon, June 9, and the picnic did take place in a field with rolled bales of hay, alfalfa, sweet grass and grazing cows.

 A long communal table was set with red and white checked table cloths, milk bottles filled with beautiful local flowers and happy people of all ages diving into the delicious pot luck dishes.

Afterward, Art Ludlow, owner of the Mecox Dairy Farm, brought our group to the barns where the new calfs were in their stalls. Chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese all roamed free

Art talked about his Jersey cows as we watched them being milked. He capped off the afternoon with a tasting of the excellent aged cheeses his makes. 

Our thanks to Art Ludlow of Mecox Bay Dairy, Pierre Friedrichs of Block House Farms, and Linda Slezak for organizing this wonderful afternoon.