Josh Levine Benefit Great Success

April 14, 2014 in Past Events

A messsage from Judiann Carmack-Fayyez, Chapter Chair

Dear members and friends,

No doubt, we have a very special food community out here on the East End. With our collective energy and commitment to good, clean, and fair food, we will transform the larger food system. Reflecting on the past two events that Slow Food East End has held, the Gerry Hayden Tasting Event and the JLMF/SFEE Cocktail Party and Dinner, it is obvious that there is a shared vision and purpose among us here. More importantly, however, is this community’s continual commitment to band together in support of each other in good times and bad. In a way, this is reflected in the fair in our mantra of good, clean and fair food. Life is not always fair, as when disease or death strikes someone in their prime, and we can deal with it individually or we can rally together to make something bad turn into something good. Thankfully, our community consistently chooses the latter.

On behalf of Slow Food East End, I would like to thank all of the people in our community who contributed to make our 4th Annual Josh Levine Memorial Foundation/Slow Food East End Cocktail Party and Dinner such a great gathering and a great success. To have so many great chefs – and such splendid local food and wine – in one generously donated room at an accessible price point is a testament to the generosity and ethos of our community. In every cloud there is a silver lining and we on the East End always seem to find that silver lining. Thank you to everyone who so generously participated in the JLMF/Slow Food East End Cocktail Party at Dodds and Eder and The Dinner at the American Hotel. The edible school gardens of the East End will help to perpetuate this incredible food culture and tradition in generations to come.