Take the Locavore Challenge throughout September

September 2, 2012 in Past Events

The NY Locavore Challenge is a month-long campaign this September aimed at motivating consumers across NY state to eat local organic foods.  Sponsored by NOFA-NY (Northeast Organic Farming Association of NY), the goal is to educate consumers about how to make healthy and ethical food choices and to cook with in-season, local organic foods while supporting local sustainable farms and food businesses.

This year’s program is versatile, fun and FREE!  Participants have the option of signing up for either a Bite-Sized (choose 1), a Meal-Sized (choose 2) or a Feast-Sized (choose 3) Challenge.

Here are just a few of the fun ways you can take the challenge. Some are easy. If you’re a “Slow Foodie”, then you’re probably already doing many of these things – so challenge yourself by picking something that you haven’t thought of doing. Here are just a few of the options:

Take a 250 mile day challenge
Take a 250 mile week challenge
Take a 250 mile month challenge
Shop at a farmers market, farm stand or u-pick
Join a winter CSA
Eat at least 5 servings of local, organic, fruit & veggies per day
Sip on local milk, juice, beer, wine & spirits
Go foraging
Try food preservation (canning, freezing, drying)
Host a Locavore Potluck
Read a Locavore book
Participate in a Crop Mob
Join the Millions Against Monsanto Campaign
Lobby your food store to include more local product


Click here for the 2012 Locavore Challenge Registration Form and take a look at the entire list of ways to participate in the Locavore Challenge. Then let us know how many Slow Food East End members and friends are participating in this month-long campaign. Simply go to the Locavore Challenge Event on Slow Food East End’s Facebook page and hit “Join” if you want to take the challenge. We’ll be able to see how many people plan to participate. Our goal: 100!